Greece Investment Residence Permit (GIRP)


  • By investing in Greece, you become a resident of a European Union (EU) member country
  • Fast processing: For successful applicants, the GIRP is issued within 6 months from the date of submission
  • No language, education, residency or business experience requirements
  • Very flexible investment options
  • Full residence rights in Greece for the applicant, spouse, children under 21 and parents of the investor and spouse
  • Children have access to free education
  • The GIRP is valid for 5 years and can be renewed for a further 5 years if the investment is still held

Benefits of living in Greece

  • Free movement within Schengen countries
  • Cradle of western civilization
  • One of the least polluted regions of the world
  • Spectacular Mediterranean Sea and beaches
  • Unsurpassed quality of life


  • The applicant must be a Non-EU citizen
  • The applicant must be over 18 years old & in good health
  • Make a qualifying real-estate investment
  • The investment must be held for the entire duration that the residence permit isrequired
  • Proof that the applicant has no criminal record


  • Minimum investment of €250,000 in property
  • Property can be held Freehold or Leasehold
  • Property can be either Commercial or Residential
  • Investment can be made singly or jointly providing each applicant invests at least €250,000
  • Leases must be for a minimum of 10 years with a minimum prepayment of €250,000
  • The investment can be made personally or through a wholly owned company
  • The investment can be made in a single property or multiple properties providing the combined value of the properties is at least €250,000
  • A wide range of high-quality beach front properties are available in beautiful locations such as Chania, Santorini and Paros


  • Visit Greece to open a local bank account, select property and pay property deposit
  • Transfer funds for property purchase and application fees to Greek bank account
  • Complete property purchase and request application submission date
  • On appointment date submit application documents, health certificate and copy of contract for qualifying investment
  • Approval is typically granted within 2 months
  • Following approval, the applicant must obtain an entry visa and visit Greece for issuance of the GIRP
  • Family members have the option to visit Greece at a later date to collect their permits

Costs of Greece Permanent Residency

Applicants seeking Greek permanent residency need to fulfil certain criteria to qualify:

1) Real estate

Applicants need to purchase a property anywhere in Greece to be eligible to apply.

Minimum investment EUR 250,000

Additional Fees

In addition to the purchase of real estate, there are additional fees to be paid:

Legal fee for purchase 1% plus VAT
Legal fee for RPs EUR 3,500 per family plus VAT
Notary contract 1,2%
Land Registry 0.5% (approximate)
Transfer tax 3.09%
Government RP fee EUR 500 per adult

Steps of Greece Permanent Residency

Step 1
Our professional team will pre-screen your passport copy for Government pre-approval to ensure fast processing.
A down payment of the professional fees will be required to open your application. We will provide assistance and advice with regards to the collection of the necessary documents in the checklist.

Step 2
The applicant must apply for an entry visa to the Greek consulate authority in their country of origin. Either a type C Schengen visa or a type D national visa is required to purchase a property in Greece.

Step 3
We will guide you to the Greek property that fully satisfies your requirements and start preparing property purchase documentation required to be presented for Residency application.

Step 4
The applicants must travel to Greece to get their passports stamped before submitting the Residency application.

Step 5
We will prepare property purchase documents to complete the purchase. Property purchase funds and taxes will need to be transferred.

Step 6
The application is then submitted to the official Directorate of Immigration. If the Secretary-General approves the application, the investor and family will receive the residence permit.

Note: The Residency cards and National ID’s are issued to you via courier once the balance of professional fees has been paid and settled.

The granting of residence permits is at the sole discretion of the Greek Government but, generally, the application is only denied if the due diligence reveals that the applicant has made false statements in the application forms or other submitted documents; has engaged in criminal activities or is under investigation in relation to criminal activities; or has (or is alleged to have been) engaged in or associated with any activity that would bring disrepute to Greece.