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The relaxed lifestyle, stable political, justice, economic, and social environment, excellent educational and health system, multilingual population, and world-renowned Canadian tolerance of other cultures, made Canada one of the most desirable countries to live, do business, raise family, work, and invest in.

The country has a long tradition of immigration and an elaborate system to evaluate and admit new residents. Citizenship is available after three years of residence (and 183 days minimum physical presence during each of the three calendar years). The Canadian passport is one of the best travel documents in the world.

Australia remains an attractive destination for those seeking permanent residence abroad. Permanent residents are required to spend at least two years of a five-year period in Australia, or demonstrate significant ties to Australia, in order to maintain their residence status.

The Commonwealth of Australia comprises the mainland of the Australian continent and many smaller islands. By area, it is the world’s sixth-largest country and is the only nation to govern an entire continent. Australia was one of the first countries to establish democracy in the modern world. The Commonwealth of Australia was formed in 1901 and maintains a stable, liberal, democratic political system comprising six states and several territories. The 25 million population is centered in urban areas in the east and in coastal areas.

The United Kingdom is one of the most attractive places in the world to live and do business. Its capital, London, is a leading global city, and alongside New York — the world’s most influential financial center.

The UK immigration rules are set to attract investors, entrepreneurs, and people of talent.