Study Abroad Services

Admission Counselling

You need to gather all the information that will help you land in your dream university as the first step to studying abroad. A reliable source is essential to finding out every piece of information you need, since only accurate information can lead you to your dream university.

In some cases, gathering all the information could be stressful and time consuming, so to streamline the study abroad process for students, we decided to offer reliable information and extensive admission counselling services. 

Providing students with all the information and assistance they require ensures that they are able to study at their dream university. Our system evaluates your profile according to your interests, choice of course, and requirements, and then suggests the best universities for you, along with the courses that you qualify for. We undertake all the groundwork needed for your enrollment at your desired university and provide guidance and support throughout the application process to minimize your struggle. In addition to helping you find the right course and university among all the universities in that country based on your profile and interests, our counselors, who are experts in their fields, work extensively at making matters as easy as possible for you.

Our staff will evaluate your profile and shortlist the best universities with ease, and list out all the forms and documents you’ll need for the admissions process in a top university, and help you fill these out. Our organization also provides you all the specific details for financial information such as the application fee, university registration fees, and available scholarships to help you get into a university.


University Selection

Choosing a university that is right for you is essential. Among the list of many top universities, we understand how difficult it can be to pick the best university. In order to select the best university from our ever-growing list, our staff is on hand to assist you. 

Depending on your major and program of study, our experts analyze your profile and compile a list of top universities based on location, the tuition fee incurred, and the course work required, enabling you to select the best universities that provide the best scholarship and assistantship opportunities for you. Short-listing the best universities, we analyze the short-listed universities based on your profile to find out which are the best options for you, so we can assist you in applying.


Selecting a country and program

Our team of experts considers various factors and follows various methods to help you get into the top universities in your dream country. According to your profile, program selection, financial capabilities, and interests, we determine whether you should study in a certain country or not. Furthermore, we provide you with a comparison report that includes the advantages each country holds. Furthermore, we will assist you in finding the perfect location for your course in that country, as well as providing information on nearby cities, employment opportunities, and the latest technologies available there.


Application Assistance

It is crucial that you send all of your university applications in order to realize your study abroad dream. All applications must be completed and all required documents must be sent. You need to fill out all the required application links, graduate forms, and departmental applications carefully, as failure to do so could result in your university acceptance being delayed. For this reason, our team will assist you with your application so that you do not have to worry about this hassle. 

Dedicated to your needs, our staff updates you on university applications and their deadlines, and provides you with regular follow-ups. They provide you with the list of applications, documents, and deadlines you should meet with regards to your university applications. The whole application process is handled by us, from advising you on the necessary documents and applications, through helping you fill out all the applications and ensuring they are forwarded within the stipulated timeline. As well as filling out online forms, we also assist you with filling out departmental forms and reporting your IELTS/ETS scores. 

Having a strong Statement of Purpose (SOP) is extremely important for your admission and could be deciding factor in your admission sometimes. A good SOP will allow you to get into any good university. As part of our efforts to make your application process as smooth as possible, we decided to provide you with support on your SOP writing as well, where our experienced professionals review your application and provide the necessary upgrades, so that your application will be considered by the university. The SOP must also be formatted correctly and contain all the information required. You will also get assistance in revising your resume.


Visa Guidance

Study abroad dreams are realized when your visa is approved, since a visa is what connects you to your dream school.

 Visa interviews can be stressful, as many students fail to get their visa approved even after being admitted to a great college and being financially stable. The Visa interview panel rarely provides reasons for rejection, so it is sometimes difficult for students to understand why their visa got rejected even when they give their interview well. 

 Through our specialized teams’ extensive experience and realizing the gaps in the current Visa policy, we have drafted a comprehensive training plan to fill those gaps, prepare you for your Visa interview, and help you study in the college of your dreams. In a Visa interview, demonstrating your family’s financial resources is crucial, which is why we provide you with free financial counselingin order for you to answer well and increase the chances of your application being approved. 

 A mock interview is conducted by us in order to give you a sense of the real interview experience and boost your confidence. We evaluate you in detail in our mock visa interviews and inform you of the areas where you need to improve and how you can improve. In addition, we assist you with the online application of a Visa, fill out the required forms, and give you a summary of the required financial documents. Providing Visa guidance is high on our priority list, and we facilitate extensive training for students so that they can succeed in their Visa interviews.


Post Visa Services

We offer long-term guidance, unlike many other consultancies. With our help, your travels abroad will be smooth and swift, and we will stand by you the entire time. When studying abroad, it can be confusing at times to figure out immigration rules and the port of entry. Keeping this in mind, we will be there to assist you during the pre-departure process in order to prevent any inconveniences.

Our company tries to make things as simple as possible and provides all the necessary info you need for immigration. It is very important for you to complete the immunization and health forms you will be asked for during the pre-departure process, and you should have them available before you leave. Forms like these can be problematic to fill out at times, so we can assist you with filling them out. 

 To avoid any hassle while studying abroad, you need to buy health insurance before leaving on your journey. Due to the lack of knowledge about buying health insurance and how to acquire it, many students become confused and clueless. By providing guidance and assistance, we can decrease the likelihood of such inconveniences. The importance of staying in contact with your university’s alumni or students is understood by us, and we are willing to assist you in connecting to them. Additionally, we can help you search for roommates and assist with accommodation searches. When you arrive at the airport, we will assist you in getting to your hotel as quickly and easily as possible.


Lifetime Support

Our goal is to help you fulfill your dream of studying abroad. We do not just end at your admission to the university of your choice, but we make sure that the experience of studying abroad is a positive one throughout. During your travel to foreign soil, we will assist you with everything from arranging airport pickups to finding roommates and arranging accommodations. Lifetime Support is what we mean. While overseas, our team stays in constant contact with students and provides them with career guidance, as well as other assistance to make their lives there easier. We understand that students have entrusted us with their study abroad dreams and we’re committed to helping each and every one of them achieve their dreams.