France Talent Passport – Investor


  • 4 years renewable Residency Card
  • Dependents: spouse & children under 18 are included
  • Right to work in France
  • No English Language proficiency necessary
  • Right to travel in and out of France for 4 years
  • Free mobility within Schengen States (26 countries) for a period of 6 months / year
  • Free mobility to French overseas territories
  • Right to seek Permanent Resident and/ or Citizenship after 5 years
  • Free access to Public Education & Healthcare System
  • Fast track processing time


  • Solid Business Plan/ Market Analysis
  • Limited source of funds requirements
  • Incorporate a legal entity or take over an existing company
  • Hold a minimum of 10% interest in such company
  • Residency requirements: on a case by case basis
  • Main applicant: shall be aged 18
  • No criminal record


  • Commitment to invest EUR 300,000 in the intended project
  • Commitment to create / maintain jobs for local workforce within 4 years
  • Complying with commitments set in the approved Business Plan


  • Application to the competent French Embassy /ConsulateGeneral
  • Processing time: 45 days
  • Upon application’s approval, applicant & dependents are granted with a 3-month long stay visa
  • Applicant & dependents shall enter France within such period
  • Competent Prefecture issues the Passport Talent within the month of entry • Passport Talent is granted for a duration of 4 years