• Spouse and dependent children of the investor automatically qualify
  • No requirement to reside in Turkey or speak Turkish
  • Beautiful location with an amazing wildlife and diverse landscapes
  • Visa-free access to over 115, including Japan, Argentina and Brazil.
  • Multicultural society
  • Ease of acquiring travel visas into the EU, US, Canada, & Australia
  • Possibility to apply for the US E-2 treaty visa

General Requirements

  • Not having entered or stayed illegally in Turkey
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Clean criminal record
  • Pay all taxes and costs related to the citizenship application
  • Maintain the investment for at least 3 years

Process (3-6 months)

  • Appoint representative and complete all application forms
  • Make an acceptable investment
  • Pay all fees & costs related to the citizenship application
  • Receive Approval-in-Principle

Acceptable Investment

Purchase property(ies) worth a minimum of USD250,000 (or Turkish Lira equivalent) free of charges and encumbrances, to be held for at least 3 years

Specific Requirements for Real Estate Investments

  • Investment of USD250,000 (or Turkish Lira equivalent) in a real estate, free of charges and encumbrances, held for at least 3 years
  • Requirement of a valuation report which needs to be accepted by the Capital Market Board
  • Land Registry Certificate showing the complete ownership of the property or properties
  • Valid Sales & Purchase Contract from the developer

Tax Advantages

  • Turkey has signed a double taxation with most nations in the developed world.
  • Non-residents pay taxes on their Turkish-source income.
  • There is no wealth tax in Turkey.
  • V.A.T. is levied at a 18% rate. Reduced rates of 8% and 1% may apply for certain goods and services.

Costs of Turkey Citizenship

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Investment is possible by investing in one or more properties in Turkey.

The citizenship program is comprised of three stages:

1) Purchase of real estate
2) Acquiring a residence permit
3) Receiving passports

1) Investment – Purchase of Real Estate

Every foreign individual that fulfils the conditions set forth in the law can apply for the Turkish Citizenship by investing a minimum required sum in one or more properties in Turkey.

In addition, there are other costs that need to be covered.

Minimum required investment USD 250,000
Land Registry fee 1.5 % of the purchase price
Official Transfer fee (paid to Land Registry) USD 200
Property Value Report USD 500 (approx.)

2) Acquiring a residence permit

Once the real estate transaction is completed the investor will obtain the title deed. The Land Registry Office will then prepare a “Certificate of Conformity” that proves that the investment was made in accordance with the law. You can apply for a residence permit and have the right to renew it until the competition of the citizenship process.

Visa fee per person USD 100 (approx.)
Residence Permit Fee per person USD 20 (approx.)
Insurance per person (for adults only) USD 100 (approx.)

3) Receiving passports

After acquiring the residence permit, the investor and his family have the right to apply for a citizenship to the Civil Registration and Nationality office.

Application fee USD 100

Steps of Turkey Citizenship

Step 1
Our professionals will pre-screen your passport copy for government pre-approval. A down payment of the professional fees is required to open your application. The response is in 24-48 hours.

Step 2
Our professional team will assist and advise you with the collection of the documents required according to the Government checklist.

Step 3
We will guide you to properties that match your criteria and are marked only as top quality, from reliable developers. You will make a choice, and the purchase and transfer of property procedure will commence.

Step 4
We will help you choose a valuation expert that is licensed by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey and get your chosen property evaluated. The purchase must be completed by registering the applicant’s own name on the property and annotating the promise to not sell the property for at least three years.

Step 5
After a safe purchase and valuation and before the completion of the application, the Ministry of Environment and Urban Affairs will confirm if the value of your investment both in the registry and in valuation exceeds $250,000. A residence permit needs to be taken from the Directorate General of Immigration Authority that is specific for investors.

Step 6
We will complete and check the file of your application and send them to İstanbul for an official checking of the file via mail. After your files are complete, the evaluation process for the application will be initiated by the Directorate of the Civil Registry of the city in which the residence permit is taken.

Step 7
The General Directorate of Civil Registry will forward the application file to the National Intelligence Agency of Turkey, and the Agency will conduct a security background check. If the security background report by the National Intelligence Agency confirms the suitability security-wise, the Ministry of Interior will validate the application and direct it to the Presidency of Turkey.

Step 8
The Presidency of Turkey will grant Turkish citizenship to the applicant after receiving the confirmation of application from the Ministry of Interior, officially. The Presidency’s granting of Turkish citizenship to the applicant will be published on the Official Gazette and go into operation.

Turkey Citizenship: Pros and Cons


  • Biggest and popular citizenship by investment program in Eurasia
  • Very popular among Arab investors
  • Best real estate investment for citizenship
  • Turkish Passport within 4-6 months
  • VAT for foreign property buyers exempted, makes the program all the way attractive.
  • Candidate country for EU already in the process of incorporating EU legislation into national law.
  • Easy application process and no restrictions on who can apply
  • Turkish nationals working legally in an EU country are also entitled same working conditions as the nationals of that country.


  • Passport is weak. No visa free access to EU schengen area, United Kingdom or Russia.
  • Visa free access to Turkish citizens available to Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, Hong Kong.
  • Applicants must apply for residence card before becoming a citizen.
  • Property prices still high above EU countries in some areas.

Turkey visa waiver agreements with countries and territories

AfghanistanVisa required
AlbaniaVisa not required
AlgeriaVisa required
AndorraVisa required
AngolaVisa required
Antigua and BarbudaVisa not required
ArgentinaVisa not required
ArmeniaeVisa / Visa on arrival
AustraliaVisa required
AustriaVisa required
AzerbaijanVisa not required
BahamasVisa not required
BahraineVisa / Visa on arrival
BangladeshVisa on arrival
BarbadosVisa not required
BelarusVisa not required
BelgiumVisa required
BelizeVisa not required
BenineVisa / Visa on arrival
BhutanVisa required
BoliviaVisa not required
Bosnia and HerzegovinaVisa not required
BotswanaVisa not required
BrazilVisa not required
BruneiVisa not required
BulgariaVisa required
Burkina FasoVisa required
BurundiVisa required
CambodiaeVisa / Visa on arrival
CameroonVisa required
CanadaVisa required
Cape VerdeVisa on arrival
Central African RepublicVisa required
ChadVisa required
ChileVisa not required
ChinaVisa required
ColombiaVisa not required
ComorosVisa on arrival
Republic of the CongoVisa required
Democratic Republic of the CongoVisa required
Costa RicaVisa not required
Côte d’IvoireeVisa
CroatiaVisa required
CubaTourist Card required
CyprusVisa required
Czech RepublicVisa required
DenmarkVisa required
DominicaVisa not required
Dominican RepublicVisa not required
EcuadorVisa not required
EgyptVisa required
El SalvadorVisa not required
Equatorial GuineaVisa required
EritreaVisa required
EstoniaVisa required
EswatiniVisa not required
FijiVisa not required
FinlandVisa required
FranceVisa required
GaboneVisa / Visa on arrival
GambiaVisa not required
GeorgiaVisa not required
GermanyVisa required
GhanaVisa required
GreeceVisa required
GrenadaVisa required
GuatemalaVisa not required
Guinea-BissaueVisa / Visa on arrival
GuyanaVisa required
HaitiVisa not required
HondurasVisa not required
HungaryVisa required
IcelandVisa required
IndiaVisa required
IndonesiaVisa not required
IranVisa not required
IraqVisa not required
IrelandVisa required
IsraelVisa required
ItalyVisa required
JamaicaVisa not required
JapanVisa not required
JordanVisa not required
KazakhstanVisa not required
KenyaeVisa / Visa on arrival
KiribatiVisa required
North KoreaVisa required
South KoreaVisa not required
KuwaiteVisa / Visa on arrival
KyrgyzstanVisa not required
LaoseVisa / Visa on arrival
LatviaVisa required
LebanonMultiple-entry visa on arrival
LiberiaVisa required
LibyaVisa required
LiechtensteinVisa required
LithuaniaVisa required
LuxembourgVisa required
MadagascareVisa / Visa on arrival
MalaysiaVisa not required
MaldivesVisa on arrival
MaliVisa required
MaltaVisa required
Marshall IslandsVisa on arrival
MauritaniaVisa on arrival
MauritiusVisa not required
MexicoElectronic Authorisation System
MicronesiaVisa not required
MoldovaVisa not required
MonacoVisa required
MongoliaVisa not required
MontenegroVisa not required
MoroccoVisa not required
MozambiqueVisa on arrival
NamibiaVisa on arrival
NauruVisa required
NepalVisa on arrival
NetherlandsVisa required
New ZealandVisa required
NicaraguaVisa not required
NigerVisa required
NigeriaVisa required
North MacedoniaVisa not required
NorwayVisa required
PakistanElectronic Travel Authorisation
PalauVisa on arrival
PanamaVisa not required
Papua New GuineaVisa required
ParaguayVisa not required
PeruVisa not required
PhilippinesVisa not required
PolandVisa required
PortugalVisa required
QatarVisa not required
RomaniaVisa required
RussiaVisa required
RwandaeVisa / Visa on arrival
Saint Kitts and NevisVisa not required
Saint LuciaVisa not required
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa not required
SamoaEntry Permit on arrival
San MarinoVisa required
São Tomé and PríncipeVisa not required
Saudi ArabiaVisa required
SenegalVisa on arrival
SerbiaVisa not required
SeychellesVisitor’s Permit on arrival
Sierra LeoneVisa on arrival
SingaporeVisa not required
SlovakiaVisa required
SloveniaVisa required
Solomon IslandsVisa required
SomaliaVisa on arrival
South AfricaVisa not required
South SudanVisa required
SpainVisa required
Sri LankaeVisa / Visa on arrival
SudanVisa on arrival
SurinameE-tourist card
SwedenVisa required
SwitzerlandVisa required
SyriaVisa required
TajikistanVisa on arrival
TanzaniaeVisa / Visa on arrival
ThailandVisa not required
Timor-LesteVisa on arrival
TogoVisa on arrival
TongaVisa on arrival
Trinidad and TobagoVisa not required
TunisiaVisa not required
TurkmenistanVisa required
TuvaluVisa on arrival
UgandaeVisa / Visa on arrival
UkraineVisa not required
United Arab EmiratesVisa required
United KingdomVisa required
United StatesVisa required
UruguayVisa not required
UzbekistanVisa not required
VanuatuVisa not required
Vatican CityVisa required
VenezuelaVisa not required
VietnamVisa required
YemenVisa required
ZambiaeVisa / Visa on arrival
ZimbabweeVisa / Visa on arrival
Denmark Territories
Faroe IslandsVisa required
GreenlandVisa required
Netherlands Territories
ArubaVisa required
Caribbean NetherlandsVisa required
CuraçaoVisa required
Sint MaartenVisa required
UK Territories
Akrotiri and DhekeliaVisa required
AnguillaVisa required
BermudaVisa required
British Indian Ocean TerritorySpecial permit required
British Virgin IslandsVisa not required
Cayman IslandsVisa required
Falkland IslandsVisa required
GibraltarVisa required
Pitcairn IslandsVisa free
Ascension IslandeVisa
Saint HelenaeVisa
Tristan da CunhaPermission required
South Georgia and the South Sand Permit required
Turks and Caicos IslandsVisa not required
US Territories
American SamoaVisa required
GuamVisa required
Northern Mariana IslandsVisa required
Puerto RicoVisa required
U.S. Virgin IslandsVisa required
China Territories
Hong KongVisa not required
MacaoVisa not required
French Territories
French GuianaVisa required
French PolynesiaVisa required
French West IndiesVisa required
MayotteVisa required
New CaledoniaVisa required
RéunionVisa required
Saint Pierre and MiquelonVisa required
Wallis and FutunaVisa required
New Zealand Territories
Cook IslandsVisa not required
NiueVisa on arrival
TokelauVisa required
KosovoVisa not required
Northern CyprusVisa not required
PalestineVisa not required
Taiwan (ROC)Visa on arrival

Source: Wikipedia
Last updated: Feb 21, 2020