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9534 – Furniture finishers and refinishers

Furniture finishers finish new wood or metal furniture to specified colour and finish. They are employed in furniture manufacturing plants, retail furniture stores or refinishing and repair shops. Furniture refinishers refinish repaired, used or old furniture. They are employed in furniture refinishing and repair shops or they may be self-employed.


Index of titles

Example titles

Antiquer – furniture finishing

Decorator – furniture finishing and refinishing

Finisher – furniture finishing

Finishing machine operator – furniture manufacturing

Frame moulding finisher – furniture manufacturing

Frame moulding painter – furniture manufacturing

Furniture buffer – furniture finishing

Furniture decorator – furniture finishing and refinishing

Furniture enameller

Furniture finisher

Furniture finisher and repairer

Furniture finishing decorator

Furniture finishing varnisher

Furniture polisher – furniture finishing

Furniture refinisher

Furniture refinishing varnisher

Furniture reproducer

Furniture stainer

Furniture stripper

Furniture varnisher

Furniture-finishing machine operator

Grainer – furniture finishing and refinishing

Matcher – furniture finishing and refinishing

Metal furniture repairer

Ornamenter – furniture finishing and refinishing

Painter-finisher – furniture finishing

Piano and organ finisher

Piano and organ refinisher

Rough shellac sprayer – furniture finishing and refinishing

Satin finisher – furniture finishing and refinishing

Shader – furniture finishing and refinishing

Shellac sprayers – furniture finishing and refinishing

Spray stainer – furniture finishing and refinishing

Touch-up person – furniture finishing

Touch-up worker – furniture finishing

Trimmer – furniture finishing

Wash-off operator – furniture finishing

Whitener – furniture finishing and refinishing

Wood finisher – furniture finishing and refinishing

Wood grainer – furniture finishing and refinishing

Wooden furniture polisher – furniture finishing

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:
Furniture finishers

Set up and operate finishing machines or finish furniture by hand

Stain or finish wood to specified colour with stains, paints or other materials using brush or spray gun

Apply toners, highlights, glazes or shaders to obtain desired finish

Apply lacquer or other sealers

Decorate wood surfaces or mark surfaces to create antique or other effects using hand and power tools

Clean and polish furniture

Sand metal furniture to prepare for finish and spray with paint or other materials.

Furniture refinishers

Strip old finish from wood surfaces using steel wool, sandpaper and solvents

Smooth gouges with wood filler and sand wood

Match colours to obtain original finish and apply appropriate finish to stripped wood

Polish and wax refinished surfaces

Sand or grind metal surfaces to prepare for coating, and paint metal surfaces using electrostatic method, spray gun or other painting equipment

Make minor repairs to furniture

May perform duties of furniture finisher.

Employment requirements

Some secondary school education is required.

College, high school or industry courses in furniture finishing or refinishing may be required.

On-the-job training is provided.


Painters and decorators (except interior decorators) (7294)

Upholsterers (6345)