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9473 – Binding and finishing machine operators

Binding and finishing machine operators set up, operate or oversee the operation of machines, equipment or computerized units that bind and finish printed material. Workers who perform finishing operations in the paper, carton and packaging industries, as well as those who encode and stamp plastic cards, are included in this unit group. They are employed by binderies, commercial printing companies, newspapers, magazines, and other publishing companies, and establishments in both the public and private sectors that have in-house printing, binding and finishing departments.


Index of titles

Example titles

Assistant binder

Assistant bookbinder

Binder – printing

Binder and finisher

Binder and finisher – printing

Binder assistant

Bindery machine operator – printing

Bindery operator

Bindery worker – printing

Binding and finishing machine operator

Blocking press operator – printing

Blocking press stamper – printing

Book finisher – printing

Book trimmer

Bookbinder – printing

Bookbinder assistant

Bookbinding machine operator

Book-cutting machine operator

Book-sewing machine operator – printing

Bronzer – printing

Bronzing machine tender – printing

Casing-in machine set-up operator – printing

Casing-in machine tender – printing

Cerlox binder operator

Cerlox binder operator – printing

Collating machine operator – printing

Continuous glue machine operator – printing

Covering machine operator – printing

Credit card die-cutter operator – printing

Cutter operator – printing

Cutting machine operator – printing

Design and lettering stamper – printing

Die-cutting or die-numbering press operator – printing

Die-cutting platen press operator – printing

Embossing press operator – printing

Embossing press tender – printing

Embossing/encoding machine tender – printing

Finishing machine operator – printing

Foil stamper – printing

Foil-stamping platen press operator

Folder operator – printing

Folding machine operator – printing

Gathering machine operator – printing

Gathering machine set-up operator – printing

Gluing and folding machine operator – printing

Gold leaf stamper

Gold leaf stamper – printing

Guillotine cutter – printing

Guillotine operator – printing

Hand stitcher – binding

Headband and liner gluer – printing

Hologram-imprinting machine tender

Industrial binder – printing

Inserting machine operator – printing

Laminating machine operator

Laminating machine operator – printing

Machine binder – printing

Machine bookbinder

Machine bronzer – printing

Machine collator and gluer – printing

Machine cutter – printing

Machine folder – printing

Machine gatherer and gluer – printing

Machine side stitcher – printing

Machine stitcher – binding

Numbering machine operator – printing

Perfect-binder operator – printing

Perfect-binder set-up operator – printing

Perforating machine operator – printing

Perforating machine tender – printing

Perforator operator – printing

Perforator tender – printing

Rounding and backing machine operator – printing

Saddle stitching machine operator – printing

Saddle stitching machine set-up operator – printing

Side stitching machine operator – printing

Spiral binding machine operator – printing

Spiral binding worker – printing

Stamping press operator – printing

Stitcher operator – printing

Stitcher set-up operator – printing

Stitcher-trimmer operator – printing

Stitching machine operator – printing

Stitching machine set-up operator – printing

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:

Set up and operate specialized equipment and machines that cut, fold, gather and bind or finish brochures, pamphlets, business forms, magazines, books and other printed material

Set up and operate specialized equipment and machines that die cut, emboss, imprint, laminate, heat stamp and perform other finishing operations on printed material

Perform pre-production runs of binding or finishing jobs to verify output and to ensure that product specifications are met

Operate automatic and semi-automatic equipment and machines to bind or finish print material according to specifications

Pack, weigh and stack bound and finished products on pallet for shipment

May repair and rebind damaged or worn books.

Employment requirements

Completion of secondary school is usually required.

Completion of a college program in graphic arts technology or a combination of on-the-job training and specialized college, industry or other courses is usually required.

Additional information

There is some mobility among various types of binding and finishing machine operator occupations in this group.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.


Feeders, loaders, offbearers and similar occupations (in 9619 Other labourers in processing, manufacturing and utilities)

Hand bookbinders (in 5244 Artisans and craftspersons)

Printing press operators (7381)

Supervisors, printing and related occupations (7303