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9418 – Other metal products machine operators

Other metal products machine operators operate one or more automatic or multi-purpose machines to produce a variety of metal parts and products, such as wire mesh, nails, bolts and chains. They are employed by a wide variety of metal products manufacturing companies.


Index of titles

Example titles

Asbestos wire finisher

Asbestos-covered wire finisher

Automatic bolt machine operator

Automatic coil machine operator

Automatic coiling machine operator – metal products manufacturing

Automatic machine metal polisher

Axle cutter

Barbed wire machine tender

Beading machine operator – metal products manufacturing

Bench loom wire weaver

Bolt header operator

Bolt machine operator

Bolt maker

Braider tender

Braiding machine tender – wire products manufacturing

Buckshot swage operator

Bullet cutter and former

Bullet cutter and former – metal products manufacturing

Bullet maker

Bullet-shaping machine tender

Bullet-swaging machine adjuster

Bullet-swaging machine setter – metal products manufacturing

Bunching machine operator

Cable armourer

Cable insulator

Cable-braiding machine operator

Cage maker – wire products manufacturing

Can inspector – metal products manufacturing

Can machine operator

Can machine setter

Can-forming machine operator

Can-making machine operator

Can-making machine setter

Carbide press tender

Cartridge primers drop tester

Chain inspector

Chain tester

Chain-link fence machine operator

Chain-making machine feeder

Chain-making machine operator

Chain-making machine tender

Chain-testing machine tender

Chamfering and boring machine operator – metal products manufacturing

Chamfering machine tender

Chandelier maker

Coil machine operator

Coil spring machine tender

Coiler – metal products manufacturing

Coiling machine operator – metal products manufacturing

Coil-rewind machine tender

Crimping machine feeder – wire products manufacturing

Cylinder roll fabricator

Embossing machine tender – explosives manufacturing

Foil rewinder

Grid machine job setter

Header machine operator – metal

Hoop-making machine operator

Hoop-punching and hoop-coiling machine operator – metal products manufacturing

Hoop-riveting machine operator

Hot-wound spring coiler

Industrial knitting needle machine feeder

Industrial needle machine setter-operator

Industrial needle machine set-up operator

Industrial needle maker

Insulation machine operator

Insulation machine operator – metal products manufacturing

Knife blade polisher

Knurling machine feeder

Link wire machine set-up operator

Link wire machine tender

Machine bullet shaper – metal products manufacturing

Machine chain maker

Machine chain tester

Machine wire rewinder

Metal awning machine operator

Metal blade sharpener operator

Metal cable machine operator

Metal cable maker

Metal cable maker operator

Metal cable stretcher and tester

Metal floor lamp maker

Metal nut former

Metal nut maker

Metal pin maker

Metal pipe cutter machine operator

Metal pipe cutter operator

Metal pipe machine cutter

Metal products manufacturing machine operator

Metal screened door and window maker

Metal sponge machine tender

Metal sponge maker

Metal tack maker

Metal-bonding equipment operator

Metal-twisting machine tender

Metalworking weaver – metal products manufacturing

Nail maker

Nail making machine set-up operator

Nail making machine tender

Numerical control (NC) riveting machine operator – metal products manufacturing

Nut and bolt machine tender

Nut disk cutter

Pin maker – metal products

Plating equipment fixture maker

Pocketed spring machine tender

Polishing machine operator – metal products

Reinforcing cage maker

Reinforcing cage winding machine operator

Rimfire cartridge-priming machine tender

Rivet maker

Rivet shaper

Roll threader operator

Safety pin machine set-up operator

Saw blade miller

Saw knife miller

Scarfer-borer – metal products manufacturing

Scarfing and boring machine operator

Scribing machine tender

Scroll machine tender

Serrating machine operator

Serrating machine tender – metal products manufacturing

Shaker-plate tender

Shell-case chamfering machine tender

Sizing and trimming machine adjuster – explosives manufacturing

Slide fastener links machine tender

Slide fastener links maker

Spiral weaving machine operator

Spiral weaving machine operator – metal products manufacturing

Spool winder

Spooler – metal products manufacturing

Spring assembly machine operator

Spring coiler

Spring inspector

Spring machine assembler

Spring machine operator

Spring machine set-up operator

Spring tester

Spring winder

Spring-coiling machine operator

Spring-making machine operator

Spring-making machine set-up operator

Spring-winding machine operator

Staple machine set-up operator

Steel wool machine operator

Stranding machine operator

Tack maker

Tapping machine tender

Tent frame machine operator

Tin can inspector

Tinware beader

Trim machine adjuster

Valve spring coiler

Valve spring winder

Weaver – metal products manufacturing

Welding rod-extruder operator

Welding rod-extruder tender

Wire basket maker

Wire bundle machine operator

Wire cable assembler and tester

Wire cable stretcher and tester

Wire lampshade frame maker

Wire lattice and wire mesh weaver

Wire lattice weaver

Wire loom operator

Wire loom setter

Wire loop machine operator

Wire mesh fence-making machine operator

Wire mesh gate assembler

Wire mesh knitter

Wire netting weaver

Wire rope maker

Wire rope sling and cable splicer

Wire screen cutter and trimmer

Wire screen former

Wire screen maker

Wire screen weaver

Wire weaver

Wire-coiner operator

Wire-crimping machine operator

Wire-netting machine operator

Wire-pairing machine tender

Wire-rewinding machine tender

Wire-weaving loom setter

Wireworks weaver – metal products manufacturing

Zipper links machine tender

Zipper links maker

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:

Operate or tend automatic or multi-purpose machines including wire looms to produce metal parts and metal products such as wire screening, fencing, tinware, metal baskets, racks, hooks, metal tubing and similar articles

Fit and assemble components using hand and power tools

Clean, polish, file or otherwise finish products

Check products for quality and other specifications

May clean and lubricate machinery.

Employment requirements

Some secondary school education is usually required.

On-the-job training is provided.

Experience as a labourer in the same company may be required.

Additional information

There is some mobility among machine operators in this unit group.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.


Machining tool operators (9417)

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Supervisors of machine operators in this unit group (in 9226 Supervisors, other mechanical and metal products manufacturing)