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9414 – Concrete, clay and stone forming operators

Concrete, clay and stone forming operators cast and finish concrete products, operate machines to extrude, mould, press and bake clay products, and operate machines to form, cut and finish stone products. They are employed by concrete, clay and stone products manufacturing companies.


Index of titles

Example titles

Abrasive mixer – stone products

Abrasive products kiln fireman/woman – non-metallic mineral products

Abrasive wheel grinder

Abrasive wheel maker

Abrasive wheel moulder

Abrasives furnace preparer – stone products

Asbestos board curer

Asbestos board machine operator

Asbestos board machinery setter

Asbestos brake lining finisher

Asbestos mixer tender

Asbestos shingle assembler

Asbestos shingle cutter

Asbestos shingle maker

Asbestos shingle presser

Automatic jigger man/woman – clay products

Automatic jigger operator – clay products

Bisque kiln operator – clay products

Block cuber – concrete, clay and stone products

Block machine operator – concrete, clay and stone products

Block-making machine tender – concrete, clay and stone products

Boring mill operator – concrete products

Brick and tile caster – clay products

Brick and tile-making machine operator – clay products

Brick baker – clay products

Brick burner – clay products

Brick cutter – clay products

Brick kiln operator – clay products

Brick kilnman/woman – clay products

Brick machine set-up operator – clay products

Brick maker – clay products

Brick moulder – clay products

Brick presser – clay products

Brick presser operator

Brick-cutting machine operator – clay products

Brick-moulding machine operator – clay products

Brush coater operator – concrete products

Carbon planer tender – stone products

Caster – concrete products

Cement block maker – concrete products

Cement block moulder – concrete products

Cement pipe shaper operator – concrete products

Cement polisher

Ceramic tile press operator – concrete products

Cinder block machine operator – concrete products

Circular saw operator – concrete, clay and stone products

Clay dry press operator

Clay insulator builder – clay products

Clay pipe bender

Clay press operator

Clay products machine operator

Clay products moulder

Clay products polisher

Clay structure moulder and installer

Clay temperer – clay products

Clayware driller

Clayware turner

Claywork moulder

Concrete block machine operator

Concrete block maker

Concrete burial vault maker

Concrete fittings maker

Concrete hydraulic press operator

Concrete mixer caster

Concrete mixer operator – concrete manufacturing

Concrete mixer-caster

Concrete moulder

Concrete operator – dry cast

Concrete operator – wet cast

Concrete pipe machine tender

Concrete plant operator

Concrete pole maker – concrete products manufacturing

Concrete pole moulder – concrete products manufacturing

Concrete products machine operator

Concrete products moulder

Concrete saw tender

Concrete sawyer

Concrete spin caster

Concrete vault maker

Concrete-spinning machine operator

Contour-grinding machine operator – concrete, clay and stone products

Corrugated asbestos board former

Crusher operator – stone products

Cupola operator – concrete, clay and stone products

Cutter operator – concrete, clay and stone products

Decorated products kilnman/woman – clay products

Decorating kiln operator – clay products

Decorating machine tender – clay products

Diamond abrasive wheel maker

Diamond powder mixer – stone products

Diamond wheel moulder and finisher

Dish maker – clay products

Drain tile auger machine operator – clay products

Drill press operator – stone products

Dry pan operator – stone products

Dry plaster mixer

Dry press operator – clay products

Dry products mixer – stone products

Drying machine tender – clay products

Electrolytic cell maker – concrete products

Extruder operator – concrete, clay and stone products

Finisher – concrete, clay and stone products

Fitting lathe operator – concrete products

Flowerpot pressman/woman – clay products

Forming machine operator – concrete, clay and stone products

Gang sawyer – stone products manufacturing

Glaze maker – clay products

Glazed products kilnman/woman – clay products

Glost kiln operator – clay products

Granite carver

Granite cutter

Granite machine polisher

Granite products polisher

Grave marker cutter – stone products

Greenware driller – clay products

Greenware finisher – clay products

Greenware turner operator – clay products

Grinder – concrete, clay and stone products

Grinding stone sharpener

Grinding wheel dresser

Gypsum plasterboard maker

Hammer mill tender – concrete, clay and stone products

Hand brick moulder – clay products

Hand clay products moulder

Hand granite polisher

Hand marble polisher

Hand moulder – clay products

Hand porcelain and earthenware presser – clay products

Hand presser – clay products

Hand stone polisher

Hand stonecutter

Hot press operator – clay products

Hydrogen furnace tender – clay products

Insulation mat machine operator – stone products

Insulator builder – clay products

Jigger operator – clay products

Jiggerman/woman – clay products

Joint sawyer – concrete, clay and stone products

Jollier – clay products

Junction maker – concrete, clay and stone products

Kiln fireman/woman – clay products

Kilnman/woman – clay products

Lathe operator – concrete products

Laundry tub moulder – concrete products

Lime mixer operator

Lime mixer tender

Machine cement pipe shaper – clay products

Machine contour grinder – concrete, clay and stone products

Machine decorator – clay products

Machine greenware turner – clay products

Machine marble polisher – stone products

Machine stone buffer

Machine stone polisher

Machine stone splitter

Marble carver – concrete, clay and stone forming

Marble cutter

Mill tender – clay products

Millstone cutter – stone products

Mixer – concrete, clay and stone products

Mixer operator – concrete products

Modelling clay mixer and extruder

Monument carver – stone products

Monument engraver – stone products

Monument letterer – stone products

Monument stonecutter – stone products

Mortar mixer

Mould filler – clay products

Mouldmaker – clay products

Paving and stone block maker – concrete and stone products

Pebble mill operator – stone products

Periodic kiln operator – clay products

Periodic kilnman/woman – clay products

Pipe finisher – clay products

Pipe fittings moulder – concrete products

Pipe junction maker – concrete products

Pipe tester – concrete products

Planer operator – stone products

Plaster die maker

Plasterboard machine operator

Plasterboard-mixing machine tender

Polisher – concrete, clay and stone products

Portable diamond drill and saw operator

Pottery and porcelain chipper

Pottery and porcelain former – clay products

Pottery and porcelain grinder

Pottery and porcelain polisher

Pottery and porcelain presser

Pottery and porcelain sagger maker

Pottery and porcelain sander

Pottery and porcelain turner – clay products

Pottery and porcelain ware caster

Pottery dryer – clay products

Pottery model maker

Pottery mould maker

Pottery trimmer

Precast concrete moulder

Precast concrete slab maker

Precast terrazzo maker

Pug mill operator – clay products

Pulpstone builder

Quartz boat builder – stone products

Quartzware fabricator – stone products

Ram press operator – clay products

Refractory mortar mixer

Refractory tamp moulder – clay products

Retort tender – clay products

Ripsaw operator – stone products

Ripsawyer – stone products

Rock wool operator – stone products

Rubber abrasive wheel grinder

Rubber abrasive wheel maker

Saggar moulder – clay products

Sandblast operator – stone products

Scagliola caster – stone products

Slate bed maker – clay products

Slate cutter

Slate mixer

Slate-cutting and slate-grinding machine tender

Slip mixer tender

Steam tank operator – stone products

Steam-pressure cylinder tender – clay products

Stencil cutter – stone products

Stone beveller

Stone driller

Stone driller – stone products

Stone grinder tender

Stone layout marker

Stone planer

Stone products buffer

Stone products machine operator

Stone products moulder

Stone products polisher

Stone sandblaster

Stone saw operator

Stone sawyer – stone products

Stone slab splitter tender

Stonecutter – stone products

Stonework block maker

Stonework drill press operator

Stonework engraver – stone products

Stonework moulder

Stonework sandblast operator

Stonework saw operator

Stonework stencil cutter

Surface plate finisher – concrete, clay and stone products

Tile burner – clay products

Tile kilnman/woman – clay products

Tile maker – clay products

Tunnel kiln operator – clay products

Tunnel kilnman/woman – clay products

Ware dresser – concrete, clay and stone products

Wire saw operator – concrete, clay and stone products

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:
Concrete products forming and finishing workers

Construct clay models and moulds by hand and with hand tools for use in casting concrete products

Build and repair wooden forms used to mould concrete products

Position reinforcing rods or wire mesh in moulds and fill moulds with concrete from suspended pouring buckets

Start vibrating tables to settle concrete, or tamp concrete using electric vibrator

Remove castings from mould with crane or forklift, and finish surfaces of castings using screed or trowel

Cut cured concrete pipe sections with saw or chisel, and cement sections together to form odd shaped fittings.

Concrete products machine operators

Set up, adjust and operate single-function machines to mix, drill, grind and cut concrete to specifications in the manufacture of concrete products

Check products for quality control, repair flaws and perform ongoing machine adjustments and minor maintenance as necessary

Move products using forklift, crane or hydraulic hoist

Record manufacturing information such as quantity, size and type of goods produced.

Clay products forming and finishing machine operators

Set up and operate automatic machines that mix ingredients, extrude tempered clay mixture and cut extruded clay into sections to make products such as bricks, drain tiles and porcelain insulators

Operate mechanical or hydraulic ram and hot-presses to form pottery and porcelain ware

Prepare and mix slip and fill moulds with slip to form pottery and porcelain ware such as jugs, cups, sinks and toilet bowls

Operate kiln to bake clay products to specified hardness.

Stone forming and finishing workers

Operate blade or wire saws to cut blocks of stone to specified dimensions

Operate machines to grind and polish surfaces of stone blocks, slabs or other stone products to specific shape or design and to produce smooth finish

Operate sandblasting equipment to cut inscriptions or decorative designs in stone monuments

Finish stone products with spray paint and by mounting plaques or installing concrete bases

Operate stone-dressing lathe to sharpen and dress grindstones that grind logs into pulp

Operate machine to drill holes in blocks or slabs of stone according to specifications.

Employment requirements

Some secondary school education may be required.

On-the-job training is provided.

Experience as a helper or labourer in concrete, clay or stone products manufacturing may be required.

Mould makers in this unit group who construct and repair wooden forms may require some carpentry or woodworking experience.

Additional information

Mobility is possible between workers within each of the concrete, clay and stone manufacturing sectors, but there is little or no mobility between these manufacturing sectors.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.


Concrete finishers (7282)

Helpers and labourers in concrete, clay and stone products manufacturing (in 9611 Labourers in mineral and metal processing)

Inspectors of concrete, clay and stone products (in 9415 Inspectors and testers, mineral and metal processing)

Sculptors (in 5136 Painters, sculptors and other visual artists)

Stone carvers and potters (in 5244 Artisans and craftspersons)

Stone masons (in 7281 Bricklayers)

Supervisors of workers in this unit group (in 9211 Supervisors, mineral and metal processing)