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8261 – Fishing masters and officers

Fishing masters and officers manage and operate saltwater and freshwater fishing vessels greater than 100 gross tonnes to pursue and land fish and other marine life. They are employed by establishments engaged in operating commercial fishing vessels.


Index of titles

Example titles

Factory freezer trawler captain

Fishing master

Fishing vessel boatswain

Fishing vessel bo’sun

Fishing vessel captain

Fishing vessel deck officer

Fishing vessel first mate

Fishing vessel master

Fishing vessel mate

Fishing vessel navigation officer

Fishing vessel second mate

Offshore fishing vessel captain

Trawler captain

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:

Command fishing vessels to catch fish and other marine life

Determine areas for fishing, plot courses and compute navigational positions using compasses, charts, tables and other aids

Steer vessels and operate navigational instruments and electronic fishing aids such as echo sounders and chart plotters

Direct fishing operations and supervise crew activities

Record fishing progress, crew activities, weather and sea conditions on ship’s log

Select and train vessel crews.

Employment requirements

Some secondary school education is usually required.

One to two years of experience as a fishing vessel deckhand is required.

Captains require one year of service as officer in charge of the watch.

A Fishing Master’s Certificate is required for all occupations in this unit group.

Marine Emergency Duties Certificate is required by Transport Canada.

A valid Fishing Vessel Operator Certificate is required for all occupations in this unit group.

A commercial fishing licence is required.

Additional information

Completion of Transport Canada examinations is required to advance from Fishing Master Class IV through Class I. Training programs are provided in provincial training centres.

Progression to merchant or government vessel officer positions (which require a Marine Officer Certificate) is possible with additional training and experience.


Deck officers, water transport (2273)

Fishermen/women (8262)

Fishing vessel engineers requiring a Transport Canada licence (in 2274 Engineer officers, water transport)