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7622 – Railway and motor transport labourers

Railway and motor transport labourers perform a variety of tasks to assist track maintenance workers and railway yard workers, or motor transport operators. They are employed by railway transport companies and motor transport companies.


Index of titles

Example titles

Car checker – railway

Car checker – railway transport

Car weigher – railway

Carman/woman helper – railway

Cold-storage checker – transport

Crossing attendant – railway

Crossing gateman/woman – railway transport

Deliverer helper

Delivery truck driver helper

Delivery truck helper

Driver helper

Engineer’s assistant

Freight car checker – railway

Freight car weigher

Fuel and sand operator – railway transport

Fuel truck driver helper

Furniture mover helper

Gateman/woman – railway transport

Motor transport labourer

Mover helper

Moving van helper

Rail lubricator

Railway car decal applier

Railway car weigher

Railway labourer

Railway track labourer

Railway track maintenance labourer

Railway yard labourer

Route driver helper

Section labourer – railway

Siding checker-messenger – railway transport

Signal gang helper

Swamper – truck transport

Track greaser – railway

Track sweeper – railway

Truck driver helper

Yard labourer – railway transport

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:
Railway labourers

Transport tools and equipment on push or hand car and perform other duties to assist railway track maintenance workers to lay, maintain and repair railway tracks

Cut vegetation growth from railway tracks using scythes and mowers

Check freight cars for physical damage and cleanliness.

Motor transport labourers

Assist truck and delivery drivers to load and unload vehicles

Perform labouring duties in warehouses.

Employment requirements

Some secondary school education is usually required.

Additional information

With experience, railway labourers may progress to railway track maintenance workers or railway yard workers.


Material handlers (7452)

Rail car oilers and greasers (in 7531 Railway yard and track maintenance workers)