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0423 – Managers in social, community and correctional services

Managers in social, community and correctional services plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the programs and activities of social service and community agencies, correctional institutions, counselling departments, labour organizations, professional associations, political parties and non-governmental organizations.


Index of titles

Example titles

  • Aboriginal centre manager
  • Association director
  • Association manager
  • Bilateral relations manager – social services
  • Chamber of Commerce administrator
  • Child welfare services administrator
  • Child-care centre administrator
  • Children’s aid society director
  • Community arts co-ordinator
  • Community centre director
  • Community centre manager
  • Community programs director
  • Community services director
  • Consumer information director
  • Correctional institution director
  • Correctional rehabilitation society director
  • Correctional services director
  • Correctional treatment and training director
  • Counselling services director
  • Counselling services manager
  • Detention centre director
  • Director of counselling
  • Director of guidance services
  • Director of operations – housing department
  • Director of public welfare
  • Environmental group director
  • Family resources director
  • Family services area manager
  • Group home manager
  • Guidance director
  • Guidance services director
  • Halfway house manager
  • Homemaker services director – social services
  • House of Commons chief clerk
  • Income maintenance director
  • International program director – cooperative
  • Labour organization manager
  • Legislative assembly clerk
  • Major community projects co-ordinator
  • Manufacturers’ association manager
  • Membership services manager
  • Men’s hostel manager
  • Native centre manager
  • Non-governmental organization (NGO) manager
  • Political organization manager
  • Prison warden
  • Psychological services director
  • Public welfare director
  • Regional correctional administrator
  • Rehabilitation residential services director
  • Religious education director
  • Social assistance director
  • Social service general manager
  • Social services area director
  • Social services centre administrator
  • Social services centre director
  • Social services centre manager
  • Social services department chief
  • Social services department head
  • Social services director
  • Social services district director
  • Social services local manager
  • Social services manager
  • Social services provincial co-ordinator
  • Social services regional administrator
  • Social work director
  • Teachers’ association director general
  • Trade association manager
  • Veterans’ services director
  • Vocational rehabilitation unit manager
  • Volunteer services director
  • Welfare manager
  • Welfare organization department director
  • Welfare organization director
  • Welfare organization manager
  • Women’s centre manager
  • Young offender services director

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:
  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the delivery of social and community service programs such as income maintenance, children’s aid and emergency housing services
  • Manage the operations and activities of social and community centres, correctional facilities and detention centres
  • Administer the programs of non-governmental organizations involved with social issues such as health care, human rights, consumer protection, international development and environmental protection
  • Administer programs of membership organizations such as political parties, labour organizations, business and professional associations
  • Establish administrative procedures to meet objectives set by board of directors or senior management
  • Direct and advise professional and non-professional staff delivering services and programs to the general public and to the organization or association membership
  • Plan, administer and control budgets for programs, equipment and support services
  • Represent their respective organizations for the purpose of government liaison and media relations
  • Participate in policy development by preparing reports and briefs for management committees and working groups
  • Hire and provide training for professional and non-professional staff.

Employment requirements

  • Managers in social, community and correctional services usually require a master’s degree in a social science or administrative discipline and several years of experience in a related occupation, such as a community and social service worker, social or health policy researcher, consultant or program officer, probation or parole officer, or social worker.
  • Managers of associations and membership organizations require extensive experience in a related occupation, trade or industry.

Additional information

  • Progression to senior management positions in social, community and correctional services is possible with additional training and experience.


  • Government managers – health and social policy development and program administration (0411)
  • Senior managers – health, education, social and community services and membership organizations (0014)