FAQs: Golden Visa / Residence by Investment (RBI)

Frequently Asked Questions

Golden Visa / Residence by Investment (RBI)

Golden visas (GV) offer temporary or permanent residency in exchange for buying real estate or other investment routes approved for the purpose of program.

Malta has the cheapest golden visa in Europe through financing government bonds. Prices start from €135,000

Golden visas offer path to citizenship under ordinary naturalization rules (after 5 years).  No special provisions for accelerated citizenship are given to investors.

The processing times for GV schemes in Europe takes atleast 3-4 months with a personal visit required to complete the process.

Golden visa programs are still open despite Covid-19. Due to border closures and non-availability of airlines, many investors are unable to make personal visits to complete the process with authorities. Greece, Turkey and Portugal have eased the bureaucratic paperwork exempting personal visits, so that all the process can be completed at consulates abroad.

You get permanent resident status including all family members, free movement in the schengen area, equal rights, free education, access to healthcare and enjoy world class living standards (work and do business).

Portugal (€ 280K), Greece (€250K) and Spain (€500K) are the most popular golden visa programs in Europe through real estate investing.

Only Malta, Greece offer permanent residency in Europe through Golden visa schemes.

Most golden visa schemes (Greece, Portugal) have no residence conditions except for just a few days. All other GV programs in US, UK, Canada require you to move and live in those countries.

Portugal first invented golden visa when the launched the scheme in Oct 2012. Since then the concept became widely popular, so much so that it has become a $15 billion industry annually.

Greece requires atleast minimum €250,000 property investment followed by Portugal €280,000. This is the minimum required for golden visa.