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9537 – Other products assemblers, finishers and inspectors

Other products assemblers, finishers and inspectors assemble, finish and inspect components or products of various materials, such as jewellery, silverware, buttons, pencils, non-prescription lenses, brushes, clocks and watches, musical instruments, sporting goods, toys and other miscellaneous products. They are employed by a wide variety of manufacturing companies.


Index of titles

Example titles

Abrasive belt cutter

Abrasive wheel binder

Acoustic tile surfacer

Adhesive bandage machine tender

Advertising button assembler

Air filter assembler

Aircraft heat shield maker

Aluminum awning assembler

Aluminum awning maker

Aluminum door assembler

Aluminum doors and Windows assembler

Aluminum window assembler

Ammunition assembler

Ammunition inspector

Ammunition loading inspector

Ammunition maker

Ammunition manufacturing inspector

Ammunition salvage inspector

Ammunition worker

Antenna assembler

Anvil-seating press tender

Archery bow limb aligner

Archery bow maker

Archery bow string maker

Arrow assembler

Arrow point assembler

Artificial pearl maker

Artificial turf maker

Asphalt roofing materials slitter operator

Asphalt roofing slitter operator

Assembly press operator

Assembly press set-up operator

Atomic fuel bundle assembler

Automated sphere-polishing machine operator

Automated valve assembler

Automatic lathe operator – clock

Awning frame assembler

Baby carriage assembler

Ball bearing inspector

Ball bearing tester

Barometer assembler

Baseball centre winder

Baseball maker

Basketball coverer

Bead stringer

Bearing assembler

Bearing inspector

Belt-maker operator

Bench hand – jewellery manufacturing

Bicycle assembler

Bicycle inspector

Billiard ball maker

Billiard cloth inspector

Billiard table cushion mounter

Blackboard maker

Blasting cap assembler

Bottle cap seal machine tender

Box blank machine operator

Box-end-stapling machine tender

Box-sealing machine operator

Bracelet assembler

Broom assembler

Broom maker

Broom stitcher

Broomcorn dyer

Broom-stitching machine operator

Brush and mop assembler

Brush finisher

Brush maker operator

Brush making machine operator

Bullet and cartridge case inspector

Bullet and cartridge inspector

Bulletin board fabricator

Bulletin board maker

Burnisher operator – footwear manufacturing

Burnishing machine operator – footwear manufacturing

Button designer and sample maker

Button finisher

Button machine operator

Button machine setter

Button maker

Button press operator

Button-covering machine setter

Button-moulder operator

Buttons inspector

Camera assembler

Camera assembly inspector

Camera inspector

Candle decorator

Canvas awning maker

Canvas goods assembler

Canvas tent maker

Car seat assembler

Carpet tape machine tender

Cartridge assembler

Cartridge inspector

Cartridge-filler operator

Cartridge-loader machine operator

Case assembler and finisher

Channeler – footwear manufacturing

Charger – jewellery manufacturing

Cigarette case maker

Cigarette holder maker

Clock and timer movement automated line assembler

Clock and watch assembler

Clock and watch assembly inspector

Clock and watch dial installer

Clock and watch finisher

Clock and watch hairspring truer

Clock and watch movements tester

Clock assembler

Clock assembly adjuster

Clock balance wheel assembler

Clock finisher

Clock hairspring calibrator

Clock hairspring maker

Clock part die casting assembler

Clock spring assembler

Clock staker

Clockmaker – manufacturing

Collar and belt turner

Comb maker

Compact disc matrix inspector

Compass assembler

Compressed air and gas regulator assembler

Conveyor wire belt builder

Corks and bottle caps inspector

Corncob pipe assembler

Counter and upper tacker – footwear manufacturing

Covered button maker

Crayon making machine tender

Creaser – garment and fabric

Crimping machine tender – leather products manufacturing

Curtain rod assembler

Custom golf club maker

Cutlery assembly inspector

Cutlery maker

Cutlery maker operator

Cutter operator – other products manufacturing

Cutting machine

Cutting machine tender – textile products manufacturing

Dental instrument assembler

Detonator and fuse assembler

Detonator assembler

Dial marker

Dice maker

Display balloon maker

Doll assembly repairer

Doll hairstylist

Doll maker – manufacturing

Drawing instrument assembler

Drug and toilet preparations inspector

Dust brush assembler

Dust brush maker

Dust mop assembler

Dust mop maker

Duster maker

Earmuffs assembler

Embossing machine operator – footwear

Enamel applier – jewellery manufacturing

Enamel burner – jewellery manufacturing

Enamel decorator – jewellery manufacturing

Engraving machine operator

Epoxy-pouring machine operator

Explosive primer inspector

Eyeglass frame assembler

Eyeglass frame cutter

Eyeglass frame inspector and sorter

Eyeglass frame maker

Eyeglass frame polisher

Eyeglass lens mounter

Eyeglass lenses edger tender – non-prescription

Eyelet-punching machine tender

Fabric hat assembler

Factory shoe repairer

Fancy wire drawer – jewellery manufacturing

Felt hat finisher

Fibre strap machine tender

Filigree finisher

Filigree wire drawer – jewellery manufacturing

Film-processing unit assembler

Filter assembler

Findings attacher – jewellery manufacturing

Firefighters’ hats assembler

Firework assembler

Firework maker

Fish net making machine operator

Fishing reel assembler

Fishing rod assembler

Fishing rod finisher

Fishing rod guide winder tender

Fishing tackle maker

Fish-net-making machine tender

Flag-making machine operator

Flare assembler

Flat optical element maker – non-prescription

Flatware-buffing machine set-up operator

Fletcher – sporting goods manufacturing

Foiling machine tender

Foiling machine tender – explosives manufacturing

Folding machine operator – garment manufacturing

Footwear parts trimmer – footwear manufacturing

Fountain pen inspector

Fountain pen maker

Foxer – footwear

Fuel filter assembler

Fuel rod assembler

Fur blocker

Gas meter assembler

Gauze pad machine tender

Gluer – other products manufacturing

Golf club adjuster

Golf club assembler

Golf club inspector

Hair-rooting machine operator – toy manufacturing

Hairspring truer

Hand bag-maker

Hand broom maker

Hand brush maker

Hand chain maker – jewellery manufacturing

Hand colour-card maker

Hand fish net maker

Hand hat blocker

Hand hat brim former

Hand lacer – sporting goods manufacturing

Hand lens beveller – non-prescription

Hand lens edger – non-prescription

Hand net-maker

Hand pleater – garment manufacturing

Hand sample container maker

Hand shoe stitcher

Hand tennis net maker

Handle and vent machine tender

Hard hat assembler

Hardboard-coating line checker

Hardware assembler

Hardware, tool and knife inspector

Hat and cap eyelet machine operator

Hat brim cutter – fabric products manufacturing

Hat cone former – hat manufacturing

Hat cone shrinker

Hat crown and brim former – hat manufacturing

Hat decoration maker

Hat decorator – fabric products manufacturing

Hat finisher

Hat foundation maker – fabric products manufacturing

Hat ornament maker

Hat-brim-flexing machine tender – hat manufacturing

Hat-greasing machine tender – hat manufacturing

Hatmaking machine operator

Hat-pouncing machine tender – hat manufacturing

Heading machine tender

Heat sensor assembler

Heel attacher

Heel breaster

Heel breaster – footwear manufacturing

Heel maker

Heel seat fitter

Heel-trimming machine operator – footwear manufacturing

Hollowware mounter

Hollowware-buffing machine tender

Hydrometer assembler

Ice chip maker tender

Ice machine tender

Ice maker

Ice-cutting machine tender

Igniter assembler

Inflated ball moulder

Insole tape machine operator

Insole-moulding machine operator

Insole-moulding machine tender

Insole-tacking machine operator

Insulating panel maker

Insulating tube winder

Insulation batt cutter operator

Insulation blanket maker

Jewellery annealer

Jewellery assembler

Jewellery assembly inspector

Jewellery case assembler

Jewellery cleaner

Jewellery filer

Jewellery inspector

Jewellery parts assembler

Jewellery polisher

Jewellery riveter

Jewellery solderer

Jewellery strip roller

Jewellery turner

Jewellery wire finisher

Jewellery-soldering machine tender

Knife assembler

Knife inspector

Knit tubing slitter tender

Label-cutting machine tender

Label-cutting machine tender – garment and fabric products manufacturing

Lacrosse stick lacer

Lampshade assembler

Lampshade maker

Lampshade sewer

Laster – footwear manufacturing (except rubber)

Layout table hemmer

Leather bag maker

Leather case maker

Leather handbag maker

Leather products assembler

Leather purse maker

Leather riveter – footwear manufacturing

Lens edger feeder – non-prescription

Lens edger tender – non-prescription

Lens-grinding machine tender – non-prescription

Lensometer operator – non-prescription

Lens-polisher operator – non-prescription

Lens-polishing machine operator – non-prescription

Lens-silverer operator – non-prescription

Lens-silvering machine operator – non-prescription

Lint roller brush assembler

Lock assembler

Lock maker

Luggage finisher

Luggage shell bonder operator

Machine drapery pleater

Machine engraver – manufacturing

Machine hat presser – hat manufacturing

Machine heel maker

Machine skiver – leather products manufacturing

Magnetic valve assembler

Mannequin assembler

Mannequin wig maker

Match inspector

Matchbook inspector

Metal door frame assembler

Metal products assembler

Metal-sheathed insulation former

Meter assembler

Mirror assembler

Mirror framer

Mop assembler

Mop maker

Multifocal lens assembler

Munitions assembler

Munitions inspector

Munitions loading inspector

Munitions manufacturing inspector

Munitions salvage inspector

Munitions worker

Musical instrument assembler

Nailer – footwear manufacturing

Necklace assembler

Nibbling machine operator – jewellery manufacturing

Oil filter assembler

Optical element coater – non-prescription

Optical glass etcher (non-prescription)

Optical instrument assembler

Optical instrument calibrator

Optical instrument driller – non-prescription

Optical instrument maker

Optical mirror coater operator

Ornament setter

Ornamental design caster

Packaging tester

Packaging tester and inspector

Paint brush final assembler

Paint roller cover trimmer

Paintbrush-head maker

Parachute stringer

Pearl earring maker

Pearl maker

Pearl stringer

Pellet press operator – explosives manufacturing

Pellet press tender

Pellet press tender – explosives manufacturing

Pen and pencil assembler

Pen and pencil inspector

Pen-and-pencil-knurling machine operator

Pencil maker operator

Pencil maker tender

Pencil-eraser maker tender

Pencil-eraser-making machine tender

Pencil-making machine operator

Pencil-making machine setter

Pencil-making machine tender

Pencil-pointing machine tender

Permanent press sprayer machine

Permanent press sprayer tender – garment and fabric products manufacturing

Photographic equipment assembler

Photographic equipment assembly inspector

Photographic equipment inspector

Piano action assembler

Piano action inspector-adjuster

Piano and organ bench worker

Piano assembler

Piano assembly inspector

Piano back assembler

Piano case assembler

Piano inspector

Piano mechanism assembler

Piano subassembler

Pill machine operator

Pill maker operator

Pill-coating machine operator

Pleating machine tender – garment manufacturing

Pouncer – hat manufacturing

Power screwdriver operator

Precision instrument assembly inspector

Precision lens edger – non-prescription

Precision lens grinder – non-prescription

Precision lens polisher – non-prescription

Precision optical lens polisher – non-prescription

Pressure switch inspector

Pressure switch tester

Primer-inserting machine tender

Prism maker

Prism maker operator

Product trimmer

Profile saw operator – jewellery

Profile trimmer – jewellery

Projector assembler

Projector assembly inspector

Protective earmuffs assembler

Purchased metal parts inspector

Pyrotechnics assembler

Racquet stringer

Reflective sign fabricator

Ribbon inker

Ribbon winder

Ribbon-looping machine tender

Ring mandrel worker

Ring stamper

Roller bearing assembly inspector

Rotary brush-making machine operator

Safety earmuffs assembler

Safety razor blade honer

Safety razor blade inspector

Safety razor blade maker

Scale assembler

Scale inspector

Scale maker

Scrubber brush assembler

Scrubber brush maker

Seamless ball moulder

Seat belt assembly inspector

Shell assembler – explosives

Shoe decoration assembler – footwear manufacturing

Shoe decorator – footwear manufacturing

Shoe parts fastener

Shoelace-tipping machine tender

Shoe-trimming machine operator – footwear manufacturing

Shotgun proof tester

Shovel handle assembler

Shower door and panel assembler

Sign maker

Silverware buffer

Sizing machine operator – fabric

Skate maker

Skate press operator

Ski maker

Sleeping bag finisher

Slide fastener chain machine tender

Slide fastener machine operator

Slide fastener machine tender (except plastic products)

Slide-fastener-cutting machine operator

Small arms tester

Snowshoe weaver

Soap and toilet goods preparations inspector

Sole-moulding machine operator – footwear manufacturing

Sole-moulding machine tender – footwear manufacturing

Solenoid valve assembler

Spectacle frame polisher

Spoked wheel assembler

Sponge mop assembler

Sporting goods grip-wrapping machine tender

Sports ball inspector and repairer

Sports ball moulder

Sports ball moulder press operator

Sports headgear assembler

Sports helmet assembler

Staking machine tender

Stamp pad maker

Stapling machine tender

Sterilizer operator – surgical equipment manufacturing

Stringing machine feeder

Stuffing machine operator

Stuffing machine tender

Stuffing machine tender – toys

Suture material winder

Tablet maker

Tablet-coating machine operator

Tablet-making machine tender

Tacker – footwear manufacturing

Tarpaulin finisher

Tennis ball maker operator

Tennis ball maker tender

Tent finisher

Tent maker

Textile-bags-turner operator

Thermometric systems capillary tube charger

Thermos bottle assembler

Thermostat and pressure switch calibrator

Tinsel maker operator

Tool and cutlery assembly inspector

Toothbrush maker operator

Toy assembler

Toy inspector

Toy maker

Toy-stuffing machine operator

Tracer-bullet-loading machine operator

Trophy assembler

Tube-cutting machine tender

Twisted wire brush assembler

Twisted wire brush maker

Twisting machine tender

Typewriter assembly tester

Typewriter tester

Ultrasonic cleaning machine tender

Umbrella inspector

Umbrella maker

Vacuum bottle assembler

Venetian blind assembler

Venetian blind maker

Wallpaper inspector

Watch assembler

Watch assembly inspector

Watch balance wheel adjuster

Watch crystal edge grinder

Watch escapement put-in-beat adjuster

Watch final assembly inspector

Watch inspector

Watch movement tester


Wet suit maker

Whisk assembler

Wig hair preparer

Wig maker

Winding machine tender – other products manufacturing

Window and door assembler – PVC window and door manufacturing

Window and screen assembler

Window blind mounter

Window shade mounter

Wood heel finisher – footwear manufacturing

Zipper assembler

Zipper chain assembler

Zipper chain machine tender

Zipper inspector

Zipper machine operator

Zipper machine tender (except plastic products)

Zipper manufacturing inspector

Zipper-cutting machine operator

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:
Assemblers and finishers

Operate machines or use hand tools to cut, shape and fit materials to form parts and to fabricate components or products

Load supplies into hoppers of dispensing units or manually align, feed or otherwise place materials into machines

Screw, clip, glue, bond, weld or otherwise assemble parts and components to form final products

Sand, trim, grind or clean products into final form using hand tools

Clean work stations and remove scraps, dust, shavings or other by-products from machinery and surrounding areas

May make routine changes of dies, nozzles or other machinery attachments as required.


Check manufactured items for defects and for conformance to specifications, visually or using sample models and instruments

Affix seals or tags to approved items and return defective products for repair or recycle

Complete reports on product inspection.

Employment requirements

Some secondary school education is usually required.

Experience as a manufacturing labourer in the same company may be required.

On-the-job training is provided.

Additional information

There is little or no mobility among the various assemblers and inspectors in this unit group.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.


Supervisors, other products manufacturing and assembly (9227)