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9524 – Assemblers and inspectors, electrical appliance, apparatus and equipment manufacturing

Assemblers in electrical appliance, apparatus and equipment manufacturing assemble prefabricated parts to produce household, commercial and industrial appliances and equipment. Inspectors inspect and test assembled products. This unit group also includes workers who set up and prepare assembly lines for operation. They are employed by electrical appliance and electrical equipment manufacturing companies.


Index of titles

Example titles

Air conditioner coil assembler

Air conditioning unit tester

Armature bander

Assembler air conditioner

Assembly lead hand – electrical equipment manufacturing

Assembly line expediter – electrical equipment manufacturing

Assembly line inspector – electrical equipment manufacturing

Assembly line inspector and tester – electrical equipment manufacturing

Automatic coil winder operator – electrical equipment manufacturing

Ballast transformer assembler

Ballast transformer tester

Bushing assembler – small transformer manufacturing

Carbon brush inspector

Carbon brush inspector – electrical equipment manufacturing

Carbon products inspector

Circuit breaker assembler

Circuit breaker assembly tester

Coffee maker assembler

Coil adjuster – electrical equipment manufacturing

Coil finisher – electrical equipment manufacturing

Coil taper – electrical equipment manufacturing

Coil-winding machine tender – automatic electrical equipment

Commercial refrigerator assembler

Compact disc assembler

Connector assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing

Cooling unit assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing

Dishwasher assembler

Electric air conditioning assembler

Electric appliance manufacturing inspector

Electric baseboard heater assembler

Electric clock assembler

Electric clock components inspector

Electric clock parts inspector

Electric clothes dryer assembler

Electric coffee maker assembler

Electric contact tester

Electric fan assembler

Electric heater assembler

Electric heating system assembly line worker

Electric lamp assembler

Electric lamp inspector and tester

Electric lamp maker

Electric lamp parts inspector

Electric lamp wirer

Electric lantern maker

Electric lawn mower assembler

Electric lawn mower inspector and tester

Electric lighting fixture wirer

Electric range assembler

Electric refrigerator assembler

Electric sign assembler

Electric snowblower inspector and tester

Electric stove assembler

Electric toaster inspector

Electrical accessories assembler

Electrical appliance assembler

Electrical appliance assembly inspector

Electrical appliance assembly line repairer

Electrical appliance assembly tester

Electrical appliance bench assembler

Electrical appliance bench worker

Electrical appliance inspector

Electrical appliance operator-assembler

Electrical appliance production assembler

Electrical continuity tester – electrical appliance manufacturing

Electrical control assembly inspector

Electrical control tester

Electrical controls calibrator

Electrical controls inspector

Electrical equipment assembler

Electrical equipment assembly line setter

Electrical equipment manufacturing inspector

Electrical equipment manufacturing tester

Electrical equipment manufacturing utility operator

Electrical equipment production assembler

Electrical household appliance assembler

Electrical household appliance inspector

Electrical inspector – manufacturing

Electrical insulator assembler – small transformer manufacturing

Electrical lighting fixture tester

Electrical mercury switch assembler

Electrical mercury switch assembly tester

Electrical meter assembler

Electrical relay tester and adjuster

Electrical switch assembler

Electrical switch maker

Electrical wire group assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing

Electrical wire insulation tester

Electrolysis tester – electrical equipment manufacturing

Engine generator set assembler

Environmental chamber fitter-assembler

Fluorescent lighting fixture assembler

Furnace electrode inspector

Grid inspector – electrical equipment manufacturing

Hair dryer assembler

Hand filament mounter

Heavy current switch assembler

Heavy-duty capacitor assembler

Heavy-duty resistor assembler

In-process inspector – electric equipment manufacturing

Inspector – electrical appliance assembly

Insulation cutter and former – electrical equipment manufacturing

Insulation installer – electrical equipment manufacturing

Large electrical appliance assembler

Large electrical appliance assembly group leader

Large electrical appliance assembly lead hand

Light fixtures assembler

Lighting fixture assembler

Lighting fixture assembly section leader

Lighting fixtures wirer

Line assembly utilityman/woman – electrical equipment manufacturing

Manufacturing electrical tester

Mica products maker

Motor and generator assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing

Motor vehicle lighting fixture assembler

Neon sign builder – electrical equipment manufacturing

Neon sign maker

Portable electrical appliance assembler

Process-inspector and tester – electrical equipment manufacturing

Production assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing

Production line electrical appliance repairer

Quartz lamp assembler

Refrigerant gas leak tester

Refrigeration equipment gas charger

Refrigeration unit inspector

Refrigerator inspector – electrical appliance manufacturing

Small electric motor armature winder

Small electric motor assembler

Small electric motor core and shaft assembler

Small electric motor tester

Small electrical appliance assembler

Small electrical appliance assembly group leader

Small electrical appliance assembly lead hand

Small electrical appliances inspector

Small electrical products assembler

Small transformer assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing

Small transformer core builder

Small transformer inspector

Small transformer tester

Spark plug assembler

Temperature-actuated controls tester

Thermostat assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing

Thermostat calibrator

Thermostat calibrator – electrical equipment manufacturing

Thermostat inspector

Toaster assembler

Toggle switch assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing

Transformer coil impregnator operator – electrical equipment manufacturing

Transformer static plate assembler

Tubular heating element maker

Vacuum cleaner assembler

Washing machine assembler – electrical equipment manufacturing

Wire connector – electrical equipment manufacturing

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:

Assemble prefabricated parts on an assembly line, or at work benches using screw guns and other hand and power tools

Assemble small and large household electrical appliances such as coffeemakers, toasters, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, refrigerators and dishwashers

Assemble small transformers, small electrical motors and transmissions used in appliances or other electrical products

Assemble circuit breakers, switches or other electrical control equipment and position and fasten components such as springs, toggles or other parts into assembly casings

Wind coils and armatures for small electric motors and transformers

Perform minor repairs to products rejected from production assembly line

Set up assembly line with materials and supplies required for production, and set up and adjust production tools.

Inspectors and testers

Check products at different stages of production for visual defects and faulty electrical and mechanical connections, or operate automatic or other testing equipment to ensure product quality

Identify and mark acceptable and defective assemblies and return faulty assemblies to production for repair

Collect, record and summarize inspection results.

Employment requirements

Some secondary school education is usually required.

On-the-job training is provided.

Inspectors may require experience as an assembler in the same company.

Some types of inspectors may require completion of a college program in electronics.

Additional information

With experience assemblers may progress to inspecting and testing positions.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.


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