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9447 – Inspectors and graders, textile, fabric, fur and leather products manufacturing

Inspectors and graders in textile, fabric, fur and leather products manufacturing inspect and grade textile, fabric, fur and leather products. They are employed by textile companies, leather tanning and fur dressing establishments and garment, fur and leather products manufacturers.


Index of titles

Example titles

Blue-leather grader

Boot and shoe grader

Boot and shoe inspector

Boot and shoe sorter

Canvas goods inspector

Carpet inspector

Cloth examiner

Cloth grader

Cloth inspector

Cloth measurer

Cloth sampler

Cloth sorter

Cloth tester

Clothing inspector

Cloth-measuring machine tender

Colour grader – textiles

Colour matcher – textiles

Cushion and cover inspector

Cushion and furniture-coverings manufacturing inspector


Fabric examiner

Fabric grader

Fabric inspector

Fabric manufacturing inspector

Fabric sampler

Fibre examiner – textiles

Fibre grader – textiles

Fibre inspector – textiles

Finishing inspector – textiles

Fitting room inspector – fabric products manufacturing

Foundation garments inspector

Fur grader

Fur matcher – fur products manufacturing

Fur sorter

Garment final inspector

Garment inspector

Garment manufacturing inspector

Glove and mitten examiner

Grader – textiles

Greige-cloth examiner

Hat fur sorter

Hat inspector

Hide and pelt processing inspector

Hide grader

Hide inspector

Hide sorter

Hosiery grader

Hosiery inspector

Hosiery pairer

Hosiery sizer

Inspecting machine tender – textiles

Inspector – fabric products manufacturing

Inspector – fur products manufacturing

Inspector – textiles

Jacket manufacturing inspector

Knitted fabric inspector

Knitting inspector

Leather glove examiner

Leather goods inspector

Leather grader

Leather inspector

Leather sorter

Leather stock inspector

Leather tanneries inspector

Loom inspector

Narrow fabric examiner

Parachute inspector – fabric products manufacturing

Pelt grader – hide and pelt processing

Pelt processing inspector

Perch operator

Perch operator – textiles

Percher – textiles

Preshrinking process tester – textiles

Quality control inspector – textiles

Quality control tester – textiles

Quality controller – textiles

Roving weight gauger – textiles

Sample checker – textiles

Sample preparer – textiles

Sampler – textiles

Seconds inspector-grader

Shade matcher – textiles

Shirt inspector

Shoe inspector

Skein yarn examiner – textiles

Stocking inspector

Swatch checker – textiles

Textile grader

Textile inspector

Textile product sampler

Textile products inspector

Textile sampler

Textile shader

Textile tester

Thread inspector – textiles

Trimming material inspector

Warp tension tester – textiles

Weaving inspector

Wool fleece grader

Wool grader

Yarn and spun yarn inspector

Yarn examiner

Yarn inspector

Yarn tester

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:

Examine natural, synthetic and hybrid textile, fabric, fur and leather garments or products for conformity to quality standards

Inspect and grade animal hides and pelts according to size, condition and weight

Verify fit or size of finished garments and products by measuring or comparing products with samples and patterns

Mark defects, repair minor imperfections, cut excess materiel using scissors, and remove lint and spots using brushes, lint removers and cleaning solutions

Grade and sort finished products and tag according to size, style and quality

Record information on products inspected

May package products.

Employment requirements

Some secondary school education is usually required.

On-the-job training is provided.

Work experience in the manufacturing of the products inspected is usually required.

Additional information

There is limited mobility among the different inspectors and graders in this unit group.


Supervisors, textile, fabric, fur and leather products processing and manufacturing (9217)