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9434 – Other wood processing machine operators

Other wood processing machine operators operate and tend wood processing equipment and machines to remove bark from logs, produce wood chips, preserve and treat wood, and produce waferboards, particleboards, hardboards, insulation boards, plywood, veneers and similar wood products. They are employed in sawmills, woodrooms of pulp mills, planing mills, wood treatment plants, waferboard plants and other wood processing plants.


Index of titles

Example titles

Automatic veneer clipper tender – wood processing

Barker operator

Barker operator – wood processing

Barking machine operator – wood processing

Chip screen tender – wood processing

Chip-mixing machine tender – wood processing

Chipper operator

Chipper operator – wood processing

Clipper operator – wood processing

Core layer – wood processing

Core-laying machine tender – wood processing

Debarker operator – wood processing

Dip tank tender – wood processing

Drop sorter operator – wood processing

Drum barker tender – wood processing

Drying kiln operator – wood processing

Edge gluer – wood processing

Excelsior machine tender

Flaker operator – wood processing

Fuel log maker – wood processing

Hardboard press operator – wood processing

Hardboard-forming line operator

Hardboard-grinding machine operator

Hardboard-oiling machine tender

Hot press operator – wood processing

Humidifier tender – wood processing

Hydraulic barker operator – wood processing

Incising machine tender – wood processing

Insulation board press tender

Jointer tender – wood processing

Lathe spotter – wood processing

Layup machine operator – wood processing

Log cooker – wood processing

Log vat tender – wood processing

Lumber drop sorter – wood processing

Lumber kiln operator

Machine lumber sorter

Machine plywood patcher

Multidrum sander operator

Panel-groover operator – wood processing

Panel-sanding machine operator – wood processing

Particleboard line operator

Particleboard-forming machine operator

Particleboard-sizing saw tender

Patcher operator – wood processing

Plywood and veneer patcher and repairer

Plywood bundler

Plywood panel assembler

Plywood panel groover operator – wood processing

Plywood patcher

Plywood press operator

Plywood-sizing saw tender – wood processing

Ring barker operator – wood processing

Scarf gluer – wood processing

Scarfer tender – wood processing

Scarfing machine tender – wood processing

Tempering plant tender

Timber treating tank operator

Treating worker – wood preserving

Veneer clipper – wood processing

Veneer cutter – wood processing

Veneer dryer tender

Veneer dryer tender – wood processing

Veneer jointer – wood processing

Veneer jointer operator – wood processing

Veneer lathe operator

Veneer lathe operator – wood processing

Veneer matcher – wood processing

Veneer patcher – wood processing

Veneer reel tender – wood processing

Veneer slicer-lather – wood processing

Veneer splicer tender – wood processing

Veneer strip cut-off sawyer – wood processing

Veneer taper – wood processing

Veneer-slicing machine operator – wood processing

Waferboard press operator

Waferboard press operator – wood processing

Wood flour miller

Wood particle dryer tender

Wood particles mixer-dryer tender

Wood treater

Wood treater – wood preserving

Wood-oiling machine operator – wood processing

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:

Operate and tend various wood processing equipment and machines to remove bark, knots and dirt from logs; reduce logs or sawmill waste into wood chips or flakes; stack and band lumber; screen wood chips; and produce waferboards, particleboards, hardboards and insulation boards

Operate and tend conveyors, lathes, sanding machines and other equipment to peel and slice veneer from logs and log sections, and to glue, press, trim, sand and splice veneer sheets

Operate and tend kilns, treating tanks and other equipment to dry lumber and other wood products, and to treat chemically and impregnate wood products with preservatives

Observe equipment, panel indicators, video monitors, and other instruments to detect malfunctions and ensure that processes are operating according to specifications

Assemble plywood panels and repair plywood and veneer mechanically or manually

Start up, shut down, set up, adjust and assist in maintaining processing equipment and machines as required

Complete and maintain production reports.

Employment requirements

Completion of secondary school is usually required.

Several months of on-the-job training are provided.

For lumber kiln operators, particleboard operators and waferboard operators, some combination of college or company courses and up to one year of on-the-job training may be required.

Previous experience as a labourer in wood processing may be required.

Additional information

There is some mobility among jobs in this unit group.

Progression to other positions in the wood, pulp and paper industries is possible with experience.


Labourers in wood, pulp and paper processing (9614)

Sawmill machine operators (9431)

Supervisors, forest products processing (9215)