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8442 – Trappers and hunters

Trappers and hunters trap and hunt wild animals for pelts or live sale. They are usually self-employed and work on a seasonal basis.


Index of titles

Example titles

Beaver trapper

Fur trapper

Game trapper


Land-based seal hunter

Land-based sealer

Muskrat trapper

Seal hunter – hunting and trapping


Sealer – hunting and trapping


Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:

Set traps with bait and position traps along trails

Operate snowmobiles or travel on foot, snowshoes or skis to patrol trapline

Remove catch and reset traps and snares

Kill and skin catch for pelts, and treat and pack pelts for marketing

Trap live animals for sale to buyers or for relocation purposes

Maintain and repair trapping equipment

Maintain trails and access to trapping lines

Trap designated animals for bounty or other control programs

May monitor animal population in the trapping regions to ensure future sustainability.


Operate boats or snowmobiles or travel on foot to reach hunting areas

Pursue animals by observing and recognizing tracks, trails, animal droppings or broken foliage

Train dogs for hunting

Kill wild animals using firearms or other weapons

Skin dead animals for pelts using knives

Treat, pack and transport pelts to processing plants or to public auctions

Maintain hunting equipment

May monitor animal population in the hunting regions to ensure future sustainability.

Trappers and hunters may specialize in trapping or hunting a particular kind of animal.

Employment requirements

Completion of trapping or hunting courses may be required in some provinces.

A provincial trapping or hunting licence is required.

Additional information

In some jurisdictions, trappers may be allocated trapping areas based on their experience.


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