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2242 – Electronic service technicians (household and business equipment)

Electronic service technicians service and repair household and business electronic equipment such as audio and video systems, computers and peripherals, office equipment and other consumer electronic equipment and assemblies. They are employed by electronic service and retail establishments, by wholesale distributors and within service departments of electronic manufacturing companies.


Index of titles

Example titles

  • Alarm system technician
  • Alarm systems installer
  • Amplifier repairer
  • Audio stereo technician
  • Audio-video repair technician
  • Audio-video service technician
  • Audiovisual (AV) equipment installer and repairer
  • Audiovisual (AV) equipment repair supervisor
  • Automatic teller machine (ATM) servicer
  • Business machine servicer
  • Closed circuit television installer
  • Computer equipment installer
  • Computer equipment repairer
  • Computer equipment technician – household and business equipment
  • Computer field service technician
  • Computer repair technician
  • Computer service technician
  • Electronic cash registers servicer
  • Electronic equipment installation and repair supervisor
  • Electronic equipment repairer
  • Electronic game technician – household and business equipment
  • Electronic games repairer
  • Electronic games technician
  • Electronic music equipment installer and repairer
  • Electronic organ repairer
  • Electronic products field service technician
  • Electronic service technician apprentice
  • Electronic service technician supervisor
  • Electronics technician – consumer products
  • Electronics technician – household and business equipment
  • Field service technician – household and business equipment
  • Fire alarm electronics technician
  • Fire alarm systems installer and servicer
  • Hearing aid repairer
  • Household and business equipment technician
  • Installer and repairer – household and business equipment
  • Office equipment service technician
  • Office machine repairer
  • Photocopier repairer
  • Photocopier servicer
  • Photocopy machine servicer
  • Photocopy machine technician
  • Photoelectric sorting machine repairer
  • Public address (P.A.) system installer and repairer
  • Radio and television service technician
  • Radio and television service technician apprentice
  • Radio communication equipment repairer
  • Radio installation and repair technician
  • Radio maintenance technician
  • Radio repair supervisor
  • Radio repairer
  • Satellite antenna servicer
  • Security alarms installer
  • Security alarms technician
  • Service technician – household and business equipment
  • Service technicians supervisor – household and business equipment
  • Slot machine technician – casino
  • Stereo repair technician
  • Synthesizer repairer
  • Technical service representative – household and business equipment
  • Television camera repairer
  • Television installation and repair technician
  • Television repair supervisor
  • Television repairer
  • Television servicer
  • Television studio equipment repairer
  • Totalizator systems technician
  • Video camera repairer – household and business equipment
  • Video cassette recorder repairer
  • Video equipment installation and repair technician – household and business equipment

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:
  • Install, maintain and repair household and business electronic equipment, such as televisions, radios, video cassette recorders, stereo equipment, photocopiers, computers and peripherals
  • Inspect and test electronic equipment, components and assemblies using multimeters, circuit testers, oscilloscopes, logic probes and other electronic test instruments, tools and equipment
  • Diagnose and locate circuit, component and equipment faults
  • Adjust, align, replace or repair electronic equipment, assemblies and components following equipment manuals and schematics, and using soldering tools and other hand and power tools
  • Complete work orders, test and maintenance reports
  • May supervise other electronic equipment service technicians.

Employment requirements

  • Completion of a two- to three-year college program in electronics or completion of a four-year apprenticeship program in electronic servicing and repair or completion of high school or college courses in electronics and on-the-job training is required.
  • Trade certification for electronics technicians (consumer products) is available, but voluntary, in Ontario, British Columbia and the Yukon.

Additional information

  • Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.


  • Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians (2241)
  • Telecommunications installation and repair workers (7246)